An essential tool

Switching treatment

SWITCH is an online tool for health professionals to guide them the process of changing a patient's antipsychotic treatment.

The switch

Switching treatment

This tool:

  • facilitates the replacement of one antipsychotic with another.
  • is based on data in the literature (pharmacological data, dose equivalency, affinities), and on the author's clinical experience.
  • is applied to patients receiving antipsychotic monotherap.y

These suggestions are not a substitute for the prescriber's clinical experience and judgement.

This tool was developed with funding from sponsors from the pharmaceutical industry, but none was involved in developing the content.

Access the switch tool

Mobile App CMPsy-Switch

CMPsy-Switch app for iPhone/iPad/Androïd
Download iPhone/iPad app Download Androïd app
This application is simple: just enter the treatment in progress, its dosage and the treatment to which the clinician wants to go.
The application provides the final dosage, the modalities and the justifications. It covers more than 80% of current prescriptions in France.
No algorithms were used and all switches were examined. The knowledge base provides all the princeps articles.

The association

The "Collège Méditerranéen de Psychiatrie" is a scientific association formed by psychiatrists working in hospitals, in teaching and in research.

The goal of the "Collège Méditerranéen de Psychiatrie" is to promote teaching and research in different aspects of psychiatry (epidemiological, clinical and pharmacological).

Map of hospitals: Martigues - Marseille - Toulon

The main goal of the "Collège Méditerranéen de Psychiatrie"’s debates, publications and training programs has been to put advances in the field of psychiatry into practice in the day-to-day care of patients.

THE SWITCH was developed for use by mental health professionals with this in mind.

Collège Méditerranéen de Psychiatrie