Switching treatment

An essential tool

Switching treatments

This online tool has been created to help health professionals change a patient's antipsychotic treatment.

Whatever reasons you have for deciding to change treatments (side effects or lack of efficacy), THE SWITCH is used as follows:

  • Choose the type of switch that you want to make (with regard to antipsychotics per os or prolonged action)
  • Then :
    1. Select the name of the current antipsychotic
    2. Select the current dose of the antipsychotic
    3. Select the name of the new antipsychotic
  • The app will provide:
    1. The recommended dosage of the new antipsychotic
    2. The procedures in chronological order for the switch
    3. Potential withdrawal or rebound effects during the switch
    4. A diagram with a summary of the affinities of these two molecules on the receptors involved


The switch :




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